Partners Marinvent Corporation and QRA Corp are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the integrated version of QRA’s QVscribe requirements tool with Marinvent´s Synthesis® certification tools, to significantly improve the way requirements are handled in aerospace certification programs. In addition to the official launch of this important integration, the partners are also pleased to announce that the NSERC Chair in Aerospace Design Engineering (NCADE) at Concordia University is partnering with them as their first university collaborator.

The NCADE program strives to improve the quality of design engineering education by partnering with industry to enhance university curriculum through project-based experiential learning opportunities. The program will be adopting the use of the Synthesis and QVscribe software tools as part of a year-long course where students work in a large, multi-disciplinary team to design a full-size aircraft from a blank sheet of paper.

“Previous experience has shown that students struggle with the complexities of developing and managing design and certification requirements for large-scale, multidisciplinary, multi-stakeholder systems development”, said Dr. Catharine Marsden, the NCADE Chairholder at Concordia University. “I believe that using these tools will create new opportunities for students to develop the skill sets they need to navigate the complicated interactions between stakeholder and regulatory compliance requirements that are so fundamental to aerospace design.”

Marinvent’s Synthesis tools save customers enormous amounts of time and money on certification programs by planning, optimizing and managing programs requiring compliance demonstration. Synthesis also provides a real framework for re-use of certification artifacts and is an ideal web-based tool that integrates the certification supply chain and manages risk.

“We are extremely happy to announce the official launch of our integration,” said Phil Cole, VP Business Development at Marinvent Corporation. “Everyone to whom we have demonstrated our integration with QVscribe is blown away with how simple it is and how valuable it can be at the same time. When we demonstrated it to Dr. Marsden, she and her team were equally enthusiastic, so we are delighted to welcome Concordia on as our first university partner.”

QVscribe is a tool developed by QRA Corp which helps engineers increase the clarity, consistency, and quality of their technical documentation. The main purpose of the tool is to avoid ambiguity, uncertainty, and mistakes that can arise from poorly written requirements and fix the errors found in an early design phase, frequently the stage where mistakes are most commonly made. This partnership with QRA will enhance Synthesis current capabilities by ensuring that aerospace related requirements, the main input for Marinvent´s software tool suite, are solid from the beginning, resulting in considerably less rework downstream.

“Marinvent’s Synthesis is beautifully complimentary to our requirements analysis tool, QVscribe,” said Jordan Kyriakidis, CEO, and co-founder of QRA Corp. “We’ve had really enthusiastic adoption from top project leads, including those needing to teach inexperienced engineers how to write clear requirements. It’s important for students to understand why having clear requirements is so essential to development success, so having the NCADE program kickoff the integration is perfect. We’re really excited and honored to be helping the next generation of engineers to build with confidence.”

About Marinvent – Marinvent is a privately held Canadian company, founded in 1983. Marinvent is headquartered on the outskirts of Montreal, the leading aerospace center in Canada and one of the largest aerospace centers in the world. Marinvent provides consulting, services, training, tools and IP to reduce customers’ program/product risk, cost and schedule and to help them innovate quickly. Its engineers, experience, TCCA DARs, flying avionics test bed, research simulator and IP make it a reliable and trusted partner for the planning and management of projects, regardless of size and complexity. Marinvent’s customers include aircraft OEMs, integrators, tier 1s, tier 2s and Government customers around the world. Marinvent prides itself on helping its customers bring their products to market and has a stellar track record of doing exactly that. As a result, Marinvent has won numerous awards in recognition of that fact. For more information, visit

About QRA Corp – QRA’s mission is to accelerate the design process and reduce costs across industries building the most complex, mission and safety critical systems – by building solutions that analyze system designs and requirements at all critical stages of development, so engineers can build better requirements, detect design errors, and build confidently. QVtrace and QVscribe are QRA’s flagship solutions that provide customers with highly sophisticated analysis, and insight backed by decades of research. For more information, visit

What is Synthesis?

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