DO178: A comprehensive introduction to the software certification context






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Duration: 7 hours

8 lessons

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DO-178 course is an introductory overview that aims to explain the software certification context. It encompasses why certifiable design is important, where certifiable design fits into the broader certification process, an introduction to the regulatory guidance materials involved, software aspects of certifiable design and the certifiable software design process (Requirements, Plans, Standards, Documentation, Verification, Validation and Tools). It is not intended only for software engineers, but also as a backgrounder for anyone that will be dealing with safety critical projects.

This course is designed to show the application of the certification principles. As such, it touches on many aspects of the certification process, however the material is not complete nor comprehensive in regards to the latest regulations and guidance materials. For these reasons, this course should not be used as the basis of a certification program for any systems under investigation.

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Basic understanding of embedded software is needed.

What is the target audience?

Program Managers

Engineering Managers

Engineering Leads

Safety Critical Software Developers

Bids and Proposals professionals in aerospace or other safety-related markets.

Anyone interested in a career in aerospace or other safety-related industry.

A participant can expect to:

gain a general understanding of the rigors of certifiable software design processes,

gain valuable insight into the constraints that a certification requirement places upon how software is specified, designed, tested and certified,

understand the implications of certification on software project cost and schedule,

gain an appreciation of the risks associated with not paying attention to certification throughout the course of a project,

view this course as an essential lead-in to further study on certification for those tasked with real certifiable software development projects.


1.2.1 Aviation Regulations (FAA, EASA, and TCCA)
1.2.2 Regulations, Standards, and Advisory Materials
1.2.3 Aircraft Certification Standards
1.4.1 Software Airworthiness
1.4.2 Industry Guidance (RTCA, SAE)



John Maris is the President of Marinvent Corporation, the first corporation to receive the AIAC’s prestigious Floyd Award, and NASA’s 2014/2015 subcontractor of the year through its U.S. AdvAero affiliate.


Sam Grainger is an expert in the software industry with over 20 years of experience including certified, mission critical, and embedded software, object oriented programing, and quality assurance processes and procedures.