In the first six months of the year, total worldwide business and general aviation avionics sales amounted to $1,115,259,960.19, or more than $1.1 billion as reported by the Aircraft Electronics Association. Founded in 1957, the Association represents nearly 1,300 member companies in more than 40 countries, including government-certified international repair stations specializing in maintenance, repair and installation of avionics and electronic systems in general aviation aircraft.

Quarter Retrofit Forward-fit Total Sales
1Q 2016 $256,462,826.30 $309,635,879.66 $566,098,705.96
2Q 2016 $253,257,536.12 $295,903,718.11 $549,161,254.23
YTD 2016 $509,720,362.42 $605,539,597.77 $1,115,259,960.19

The report shown a 6.5 percent decrease in year-over-year sales compared to the first six months of 2015 amount of $1,192,619,894.32.

Sales during the second-quarter months of April, May and June were $549,161,254.23, a 9.3 percent decrease compared to the 2015 second-quarter sales of $605,519,681.40.

  2015 2016 % Change
Retrofit $568,495,993.02 $509,720,362.42 -10.3%
Forward-fit $624,123,901.30 $605,539,597.77 -3.0%
YTD $1,192,619,894.32 $1,115,259,960.19 -6.5%

The dollar amount reported (using net sales price) includes: all business and general aviation aircraft electronic sales — including all component and accessories in cockpit/cabin/software upgrades/portables/certified and noncertified aircraft electronics; all hardware (tip to tail); batteries; and chargeable product upgrades from the participating manufacturers. The amount does not include repairs and overhauls, extended warranty or subscription services.

Of the more than $1.1 billion in sales during the first six months of 2016, 54.3% came from forward-fit (avionics equipment installed by airframe manufacturers during original production) sales, or more than $605 million.

By contrast, the retrofit (avionics equipment installed after original production) market amounted to 45.7 % of sales during the first six months of the current year, or more than $509 million.

According to the companies that separated their total sales figures between North America (U.S. and Canada) and other international markets, 66.8 percent of sales in the first six months occurred in North America (U.S. and Canada), while 33.2 percent took place in other international markets.

2016 Percentage of Total Sales by Market

Quarter Retrofit Forward-fit
1Q 2016 45.3% 54.7%
2Q 2016 46.1% 53.9%
YTD 2016 45.7% 54.3%


2016 Percentage of Total Sales Worldwide

Quarter U.S./Canada Other International
1Q 2016 64.9% 35.1%
2Q 2016 68.7% 31.3%
YTD 2016 66.8% 33.2%

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