The explosion of a Falcon 9 rocket and its cargo, during preparations for a routine test firing, caused a big impact for the SpaceX program and its clients.

Space Communication Ltd. of Israel, the owners of the satellite on board, declared recently, according to Reuters, that it could seek $50 million or a free flight, for the damages they incurred. Facebook, one of several clients for the satellite’s services, had its plans hindered as well, for they intended to expand Internet service to parts of Africa.

On top of these, a numbered of planned launches of communication satellites have been delayed or put on hold, with NASA’s cargo deliveries to the International Space Station being probably disrupted as well.

There are no concrete answers in regards to the cause of the explosion, and the timeframe and the way SpaceX will handle the aftermath of the explosion could see some of its clients look elsewhere. Arianespace could be a viable, although more costly option.

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