About the Certificate

AerospaceU will issue a certificate upon Course Completion. This will act as proof for any employer, school, or other institution that you have successfully completed our online course and passed the final exam.

Our certificate will give you an understanding of the rigors of certifiable software design processes, as well as valuable insight into the constraints that a certification requirement places upon how software is specified, designed, tested and certified.

You will understand the implications of certification on software project cost and schedule, and will gain an appreciation of the risks associated with not paying attention to certification throughout the course of a project.

By completing our course you will receive 1 Continuing Education Unit (UEC).

SOFEDUC accreditation for continuing educationKnowledgeOne is an institutional member of “La société de formation et l’éducation continue (SOFEDUC )”, an association specializing in the evaluation of training and continuing education programs in the province of Québec, Canada. A continuing education unit represents 10 hours of participation in a structured training activity, organized and led by an accredited organization, run by competent trainers and sanctioned through an evaluation. The quality criteria for the granting of UECs are determined by SOFEDUC, and are both administrative and pedagogical. To learn more visit SOFEDUC’s website.

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